Let’s welcome the New Year in one of the most incredible state of India Rajasthan. Adventure Singh in collaboration with Explore India by Road presents Desert Getaway in Rajasthan.
An ethereal land of Maharajas and an austere legacy of beauty and mystery surround the largest state in Indian Territory. Rajasthan’s sultry desert soil speaks of a time forgotten over decades but yet cocooned in an immense history of art, culture and religion. Over the period the palettes of this diverse land have undergone many changes some as a force of nature others more natural and gradual. To truly imbibe and ravish in the experience that is Rajasthan one must explore all its magnificent aspects from the magnanimous Aravalli ranges to excavating its many awe-inspiring temples, forts and palaces. At the same time indulge in the spectacularly bright festivals and vibrant carnivals every little town or city has to offer making it one of the most incredible destinations to wander across. As warm as the atmosphere of this location is the hospitable nature of its people equals the warmth lending it not only a majestic aura but one of fun and frolic alike.

Here goes your Itinerary

Day 1: Drive from Gurgaon to Shekhawati (Chum) (Drive for 250 Kms) (Travel Time 6 – 7 Hours)

Malji Ka Kamra at Churu is a unique amalgam of a palace like mansion coming together with the aesthetics of a hotel to give its guests an experience similar to a fairy-tale. Bordering the serene Shekhawati region in Rajasthan the architecturally grand and visually appealing blue hued structure is one of the most breathtaking marvels ever erected in this region of Rajasthan. The strong historic and cultural influence is evident in the manner the place has been constructed and maintained hinting at a reminiscent Marwari ancestry.

Day 2: Drive from Shekhawati (Chum) to Gajner (Drive for 240 Kms) (Travel Time 6 – 7 Hours)

The gorgeous lakeside property of Gajner Palace is somewhat like a dream set amidst the enthralling Thar Desert. In 1976itself the hotel was established and converted from simply a palace region into something tourists could enjoy wholly at leisure. This lavishly kept setting has an abundant number of features to explore from like the exquisite wildlife safaris, the four distinct palace wings that have been converted into sublime accommodations and moonlit sanctuary or desert dinners. All of which create a very romantic ambience for the visitors.

Day 3: Drive from Gajner to Jaisalmer (Drive for 300 Kms) (Travel Time 7 – 8 Hours)

Day 4: Spend your day in Leisure at Jaisalmer

Gorbandh Palace very ideally located near the gold gleaming ‘Sonar Kila’ at Jaiselmer is a vision in stone and sand encompassed in gardens of plush greenery and riveting fountains. This retreat has a royal inspiration to its aesthetics while keeping in mind all aspects of comfort and pristine cleanliness. Gorbandh Palace provides many attractions like its close proximity to the Sam Sand Dunes or the panoramic view of the fort mentioned previously, which makes it an unforgettable getaway revitalizing both mind and body.

Day 5: Drive from Jaialmer to Bhanswera (Drive for 327 Kms) (Travel Time 8 – 9 Hours)

Day 6: Spend your day in Leisure at Bhenswara

The Jalore district of Rajasthan comprises this beautiful and highly vivid hotel named Ravla. At an approximate distance of 120 kms from the splendid city of Jodhpur The Ravla Castle has a lot to offer in terms of a rustic, rugged and authentically Rajasthani appeal. This heritage hotel provides safaris to its guests making the regal Mughal lifestyle come to life and connect with the natives as well as photograph an array of flora and fauna simultaneously. This 240-year-old structure was erected in the quaint village of Bhenswara by Thakur Jagat Singh Ji Rathore and even today has the ability to transport its visitors to a bygone era.

Day 7: Drive from Bhenswara to Chandelao Garh (Drive for 148 kms) (Travel Time 2 – 3 Hours)

Chandelao Garh is an ancestral fortress transformed into a luxurious and royal Rajasthani hotel at a short distance of 40 km from the lively and vivacious city of Jodhpur. Being at the outskirts of a city makes it extremely peaceful to be engulfed in the lap of the desert yet convenient accessibility make it a highly desirable location to stay at. As the basic idea behind this place is to indulge oneself in tranquility and rejuvenate body and soul they try to disengage the visitors from the modern day hoopla and also making hospitality the number one priority.

Day 8: Drive from Chandelao Garh to Pushkar (Drive for 209 Kms) (Travel Time 4 – 5 Hours)

Pushkar is located in the Heart of Rajasthan (India). It’s a pilgrim destination for Domestic and European travelers. It has more than 500 temples including the only one temple in India dedicated to ‘Lord Brahma’ the Creator of the Universe.


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