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We at www.adventuresingh.com believe in keeping the privacy of our user intact. The Privacy policy defines the different field in which the user in concerned about his/her privacy. How we store and use the personal data, which we ask from the users, is also explained in the policy.

Our Website

The website and its owners take necessary steps to maintain the privacy of its users and viewers. We comply to all the Indian laws to ensure user privacy.

Contact Information

We take all the necessary steps to secure the personal information of the users. Users viewing the website do so at their own discretion and provide the personal information such as Name, Email ID and Contact no. The personal information will not be shared with any other organization at any cost. We use the personal information to give the details of our new products to the users, so as to make their browsing experience on our website easier. Your details will not be passed on to any third party without your proper consent.

Email Newsletter

www.adventuresingh.com has its own newsletter and the users will be mailed the newsletter only if they have subscribed to the newsletter. Newsletter program is to inform the users about the latest trends and product from our end. User can subscribe to the newsletter program solely on their discretion. User can also UN-subscribe from the program and will not receive any mails from the website. Every email will contain the information and link on how to UN-subscribe from the program.

External Links

We at www.adventuresingh.com will be including only the safe and secure links to our website which will be related to the products. No irrelevant links will be updated in the website. External links can be Web Poster, Text amd Image links to other websites. Despite our best effort we cannot guarantee or verify the content of the external link provided on the website. Users are requested to be cautiou while clicking such links. User will be doing this at own risk and adventuresingh.com will not be held responsible for the damages due to the content of the external links.

Adverts and Sponsored Links

This website may contain sponsored links and adverts. These will typically be served through our advertising partners, to who may have detailed privacy policies relating directly to the adverts they serve. Clicking on any such adverts will send you to the advertisers’ website through a referral program which may use cookies and will track the number of referrals sent from this website. This may include the use of cookies which may in turn be saved on your computer’s hard drive. Users should therefore note they click on sponsored external links at their own risk and this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.

Refund Policy

In case of cancellation of the trip from the traveller’s end, the refund as applicable will be dispatched within 15 days from the time of the cancellation. The money will be transferred to the traveller’s account directly through NEFT.
In case the money is not transferred within the stipulated time, please contact us at bookings@adventuresingh.com and mention your Booking ID in the E-mail.

Social Media

Communication, engagement and actions taken through external social media platforms that this website and its owners participate on are custom to the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies held with each social media platform respectively. Users are advised to use social media platforms wisely and communicate / engage upon them with due care and caution in regard to their own privacy and personal details. This website and its owners will never ask for personal or sensitive information through social media platforms and encourage users wishing to discuss sensitive details to contact them through primary communication channels such as by telephone or email. This website may use social sharing buttons which help share web content directly from web pages to the social media platform in question. Users are advised before using such social sharing buttons that they do so at their own discretion and note that the social media platform may track and save your request to share a web page respectively through your social media platform account.

Alias Names for Social Websites

www.adventuresingh.com will be sharing the relevant web pages through our social media pages/platform. Some of the social media websites may be using the alias name (short url). So the users are advised to take caution before clicking the alias names. We make our best efforts to ensure that the urls added are not fake, so that users do not get prone to the hacking and spam. Adventuresingh.com will not be held responsible for any damages caused by visiting these urls.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used in this website to ensure better user experience. Users on their first visit to the website are asked whether to allow or disallow the use of cookies on their computer / device. This complies with recent legislation requirements for websites to obtain explicit consent from users before leaving behind or reading files such as cookies on a user’s computer / device. Cookies allow the website, through its server to provide the users with a good experience within this website. User should take necessary steps within their web browsers security settings to block all cookies from this website and its external serving vendors, if they wish to do so. The website uses tracking software to monitor its visitors to better understand their browsing usage. The software is provided by Google Analytics which uses cookies to track visitor usage. The software will save a cookie to your computer’s hard drive in order to track and monitor your engagement and usage of the website, but will not store, save or collect personal information. Please go through Google’s privacy policy for further information [http://www.google.com/privacy.html]. Other cookies may be stored to your computer’s hard drive by external vendors when this website uses referral programs, sponsored links or adverts. Such cookies are used for conversion and referral tracking and typically expire after 30 days, though some may take longer. No personal information is stored, saved or collected.