Hail Himalayas


The director Mr. Arun Rawat is a true visionary and his deep attraction to nature led to establishing this wonderful camp and giving visitors a voyage they would relish a lifetime. This location was not just created for comfort and luxury while keeping aesthetics in mind, but also to jump start the adrenaline with their […]


Chrysalid, Junga

Chrysalid Junga 4

Also a learning centre is created very strategically near the river Ashwini and nuzzled away from city traffic in the quaint little village at Junga, Shimla. Keeping in sync with the ecological sensitivity of this area the camps provide fully functional and extremely hygiene centric lodging. The food is highly sanitary, nutritious and sublime due […]


Chrysalid, Dharamshala


Camp Chrysalid was created in 2008 by Vikas and Amaresh. Taking this trip promises to engulf you in this sort of “bubble” like state where you’ve got no idea what’s going on in the outside world and you wouldn’t care less. The camp is quiet and green, with tall trees and a river by it, […]


Aranyam River Retreat


Arnayam River Retreat is a wild, serene and luxurious adventure camp cum resort located in the periphery of Rishikesh on Rishikesh –Neelkanth Mahadev road. The camps are located amidst the thick and virgin forests of Rajaji National Park. With range of wellness activities like Yoga, Therapeutic and detox massages  one can unleash himself and get […]


The Adventure Journey Beach Camp


The Adventure Journey camps are pioneer service and adventure activities provider in the Tourist Hot spot of Rishikesh. They boost of highest quality adventure experience at affordable price and they are very good at that. The Camps are equipped with modern and reliable equipment and reputed and well-trained Adventure Gurus. They offer host of activities […]